A Prayer for Today

I praise You, Lord, that it is not an accident or coincidence that You have me working where I work.  I know that it is You, Lord, who opened these doors and have placed me for this season of my life right where You want me to be.  I praise You that You trust me to be here in this place in service to You. 

I want to never forget that my greatest witness for You, Lord, will always be how I live my life before others each day. I know that people notice.  I know, also, Lord, that the greatest thing I can share with someone is how they can be saved and what Your Son, Jesus, has done in my life.  I welcome the opportunity and the privilege to be Your living testimony to my students, their parents, people that I meet during my daily activities, and to others with whom I work.  I realize, Lord, that nobody is in my life by accident. 

I thank You, Lord, that I have a clear mind and good health, the mental and physical ability to do great things for You, and that I have to take advantage of them. So, today I commit myself to serve You, Lord, in those activities that I will do because of where I work, and to any other activity that I may be called on to do today that will Glorify You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

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