How important is Jesus Christ to me?

According to a Gallup poll taken this year, “54 percent of Americans say religion is ‘very important’ in their lives, down slightly from the past two decades. Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who say religion is ‘not very important’ continues to edge upward and is currently at 20 percent…Today, 61 percent report church or synagogue membership…the lowest in Gallup’s history of asking the question since 1937.” (Nathan Black,

Are you surprised at those findings? I’m not. The decline in interest in “religion” parallels what I see in many people as a decline in their commitment to Jesus Christ. And the decline in personal commitment to Jesus Christ coincides with the moral decline in this country.

The Christian faith is becoming obsolete before our eyes simply because that faith does not affect our words and actions.

It is critically important that you answer this question for yourself: “How important is Jesus Christ to me?”

Your life will reflect how important He really is to you.

Are you living your life in such a way that unbelievers and nominal believers would really hunger to know Him?

Is your life an example of what it means to love and to forgive? Or do others see you angry with your neighbor, slanderous in your speech, hateful in your actions?

Please read this and take it seriously: your life reflects your “version” of the Jesus you claim.

-If Jesus Christ is alive and well and active in your life, then the world will see love, forgiveness, support, caring, compassion – they will see Jesus!

-If Jesus Christ is only a concept that you have redefined to satisfy your own selfishness, then the world will see anger, hatred, unforgiveness, back-biting – but they will NOT see the real Jesus. Why in the world should anyone hunger after a fleshly, secular, hell-bent, so-called faith such as that?

If Jesus is real in your life and the life of St. Paul’s, people will be drawn here because they will be drawn to Him.

If Jesus is not real in YOUR life, then you will only succeed in turning others away from Him.

That is the choice of Christians and the Christian Church today.

That is your choice.

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