Feb 25 2011

Time to tremble

These are trying days, days of tribulation and distress, of violence and uncertainty. The people of the world are in great turmoil, the very ground quakes, and the economies of nations continue to fail. What do we do and where do we turn?

We need the courage to tremble.

I discovered a website by a New Zealander blogger,  couragetotremble.wordpress.com. The name intrigued me: Courage to Tremble.

The scripture she quotes is from Isaiah 66…

This is what the LORD says:
“Heaven is My throne,
and the earth is My footstool. Where is the house you will build for Me?
Where will My resting place be?
Has not My hand made all these things,
and so they came into being?”
declares the LORD.
“These are the ones I look on with favor:
those who are humble and contrite in spirit,
and who tremble at My word. (Isaiah 66.1-2)

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Apr 9 2008

Is there a change?

Holy Week has come and gone. What’s different about your life?

You revisited the betrayal, the trial, the beatings, the denial. You walked beside Jesus as He carried His cross. You watched Him suspended on that cross and heard Him speak. You watched Him die. 

On Sunday you heard that He rose from the dead, and in Easter clothes you lifted Easter voices at an Easter service, and left. An Easter meal was waiting. Another year, another day. So, after considering Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, how are you different? How have you changed?

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