Jun 28 2009

A new creation

Michael Jackson has died. What an extraordinary, yet, extraordinarily tragic life. From what I’ve read and heard over the years, Michael Jackson was a generous, sensitive, incredibly talented person who was surrounded by the opulence of his own success but a person who was ever dissatisfied. He was a man on a mission, a mission to remake his life. The world witnessed his constant transformation from changing skin color (he said it was disease-caused) to multiple plastic surgeries (in later years he couldn’t even smile) to religion (from Jehovah’s Witness to Islam to Kabbalah – a type of Jewish mysticism also practiced by Madonna). Even his 2800 acre Neverland Ranch in California seemed, in my opinion, to be a desperate bid to escape the pain of the real world.

We are all trying to change, aren’t we? Or, at least we try to cope with pain, suffering, confusion, frustration, loss, yet, too often, we try to change the externals of life, our appearance, for example, but we manage to make things so much worse. We need change in direction, focus, attitude, and perspective but changing direction and focus in the real world is not easy … but it can be changed!

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