Oct 7 2009

Don’t tear me down

This stunning photo by Eric Reed depicts an eight-foot cross which has been boarded up due to a legal challenge by the ACLU. At this moment (2:02 PM, October 7, 2009) the Supreme Court is considering the legality of the cross which was erected in 1934 to honor Veterans of WWI.
How utterly absurd that so much time, money and air is being wasted in this, another battle waged against our religious liberties.
Pray for wisdom for the Supreme Court Justices and pray these efforts by the ACLU will come to nothing.
View Eric Creed’s blog with additional pictures here or visit the Don’t Tear Me Down site here.

Update …

From the LA Times, April 29, 2010: “Supreme Court allows Mojave war memorial cross

Another Update …

From Foxnews.com, May 11, 2010: “Thieves Steal Mojave Desert Cross in Nighttime Heist