Apr 2 2009

Jesus – Our Resurrection

Holy Week and Resurrection Day will soon be here – the most important week and day for every Christian.

Maybe you have celebrated Resurrection Day (Easter) all of your life but have you ever stopped to ask, “what’s so important about the resurrection of Jesus Christ?”

I know, the question may seem a bit silly but, again, have you ever asked yourself that question?

Obviously, the resurrection has nothing to do with chocolate rabbits (I like the marshmallow ones), colored eggs or new Sunday outfits. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but they certainly do not begin to explain the importance of Jesus rising bodily from the grave and exiting, alive, from the tomb.

One essential aspect of Jesus’ resurrection is the promise of the Christian’s resurrection from physical death. The annual Sunrise Service in the cemetery celebrates that promise. Every funeral service where 1 Corinthians 15 and other relevant scriptures are read, points to the wonderful promise that a Christian’s physical death is not the end.

But there’s more.

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